We hold at least two ‘official’ group meetings a year usually in May and October. Member schools take it in turns to host and usually there is no charge.  Speakers are invited, lunch is provided and there is always plenty of opportunity to discuss problems, share good practice or seek advice during the Open Forum session. Our inaugural meeting was held on Friday 22 April 2009 at Hurst.

Throughout the year, however,  smaller satellite meetings of the group also occur, organised by individual members as and when required. In the past these have been set up…

  • to offer a demonstration of a particular product (e.g. library management system, e-book platform, particular online resource)
  • to extend an invitation to visit a particular place of interest (e.g. Eton College, a local bookshop)
  • to connect with like minded users to share good  practice (e.g.  the Accelerated Reader group)

Again as member schools host these meetings, they are always free and refreshments are provided.

(Last updated by Denise Reed on 10 June , 2018)



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