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Some useful websites with great practical ideas on how you can motivate children to read.


Kate Scott is the creator and co-founder of Book Pen Pals on Twitter. It is a scheme still in its infancy and works like this: authors or illustrators are paired with a class/ year group in a school. They commit to writing one postcard a month with their reading recommendations (and occasional writing or drawing tip) over the course of the school year (September to July). In return the class may respond once a month with their own reading recommendations/ reactions to books/ questions. At the end of the school year the author or illustrator can retire from the programme or switch to  a new school. Schools benefit from discovering a wider range of books than they might otherwise hear about, whilst also being inspired to engage with reading and writing through regular contact with their particular author/illustrator.  In some cases the relationship may result in an in-person or Skpe visit. If you are interested in participating with a class/ year group contact Kate on Twitter @KateScottWriter letting her know the year group of the class. An email will also be requested.

Book Trust

This is an independent national charity that encourages people of all ages and cultures to discover and enjoy reading. The website provides free guidance, resources and recommendations for teachers, librarians and parents about books for young people of all ages. You can also find out more about the impact of their programmes and activities, explore their research reports and read their case studies

Building an Outstanding Reading School

Oxford University Press and English adviser James Clements have worked together with a group of inspirational primary schools to devise six strategies to help every school to become an outstanding reading school. The six strategies, supported by practical ideas and free resources, provide a simple framework to help you to develop a strong reading culture in your school

 Enjoying Reading’s Ideas Checklist

A range of ideas showing how partnerships between schools, public libraries, school libraries and the schools library service can work in practice to inspire and motivate children and young people to read for pleasure and purpose.

National Literacy Trust

The first stop for information, news, resources and good practice 

Promoting a Whole School Love of Reading

A very useful article by Rachel Clarke Director of Primary School Education

Patron of Reading Scheme

A Patron of Reading (PoR) is a school’s special, designated children’s author with whom the school forms a personal attachment. The patron might be a writer of fiction, a writer of non-fiction, a poet, storyteller or an illustrator. Tenure lasts for a minimum of a year, but the exact length is decided mutually between the school and patron. Each partnership between author and school will differ on the basis that every author and every school differs. However, the emphasis should be on encouraging reading for pleasure. For further information on the scheme and its benefits and authors available to be patrons on your area please visit the website

The Reading Agency

An independent charity whose main aim is to encourage more children to read more and to be the organisation that has the tools and partnerships that can get young people fired up and engaged with reading and literacy. Their work with children focuses on programmes such as: The Summer Reading Challenge and Chatterbooks

Reading Promotion Ideas for Primary And Secondary Schools

Produced by the SLA this has some great ideas but the information can only be accessed by SLA members

Rooted in Reading

This is a flexible reading for pleasure promotion programme. The set of 12 reading passports are designed to encourage reading at all ages, from the sharing of books by parents and their pre-school children through to adults who are or are not in book groups.  The bulk of the passports are aimed at encouraging school children to read more for enjoyment and to gently nudge them into reading a wider variety of texts and then to spend a little time reflecting on what they have gained from their reading. Lincolnshire Teaching School Alliance distributes the Rooted in Reading passports to schools and academies all over the UK and beyond. Please see their website for further details, resources and research into how effective the programme can be.


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